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Let me Be

Phyto Complex Finishing Mask | 1kg

Phyto Complex Finishing Mask | 1kg


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· Restores the natural pH of the hair;
· Free from parabens and petrolatum;
· Recommended for post-chemical use.


The Phyto Complex Finishing Mask - Fiber Finish Let Me Be was developed to protect, enhance and finish any type of chemical action, be it bleaching, coloring, straightening, among others.

The mask works by stabilizing and restoring the natural and healthy pH of the hair, in addition to containing argan oil, macadamia, coconut, avocado, shea butter and hydrolyzed protein that offer much more shine and hydration to the hair.

Product free of parabens and petrolatum.

We do not test on animals.


External use. Do not expose to the sun or temperatures above 50ºC. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, protect your eyes during application. In case of contact, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water. In case of irritation, suspend use of the product and seek medical advice. Follow the instructions for use. This product should only be used for its intended purpose.


Application step by step:

After completing the process with the Straightening Phyto Complex or any other chemical procedures, apply the Finishing Mask, with the help of a comb, from the length to the ends, massaging the strands gently.

Evenly distribute the product throughout the hair;

Leave to act for 10 to 20 minutes;

Rinse 100% of the product from the hair;

Finish as you wish.

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