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Violet Hair Cosmetics®

Hair Dye Keratin Trendy 1.10 Blue Black

Hair Dye Keratin Trendy 1.10 Blue Black


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Keratin Trendy Coloring Cream - It's a new revolution in Keratin-enriched coloring.

Colouring Keratin Trendy - Is the new revolution in coloring enriched with Keratin, your colouring system is characterized by a set of substances which guarantee: Tom’s loyalty, full coverage of white hair, stability over time. Formula for: Uniformity of Color, vibrancy and brightness of the color, stable and long lasting colors
Its base is composed of a complex of highly selected cosmetic substances, including: Panthenol, Polyquaternium-6
These materials guarantee an action of color Enhancer and hair treatment. Is a combination of the last generation of color pigments with 99% purity for quality control and safety. 
Preliminary analysis: 1) Identify the basis of natural hair or the hair tint painted 2) Choose the desired color 3) Mix the product with the appropriate Oxidizer
Application: Before use, read the instructions first with carefully. Apply on dry hair unwashed, use non-metallic containers. Use protective gloves.

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