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Violet Hair Cosmetics®

Hair Dye Collagen 11.20 Ultra Light Violet Platinum Blonde

Hair Dye Collagen 11.20 Ultra Light Violet Platinum Blonde


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It ​​is a coloring enriched in collagen amino acids that provides essential proteins for hair growth

Colouring Collagen Its coloring system is characterized by a set of substances that guarantee: 1) Colour loyalty; 2) Full coverage of white hair; 3) Stability over time.
Chemical Technology - Collagen, Bisabolol and Argan Oil guarantee a perfect formula for: 1) Color uniformity; 2) Vibrancy and color brightness; 3) Stable, long-lasting colors.
Its base is composed of highly selected cosmetic substances including Collagen which guarantees a fundamental protein composition for hair growth. Rich in Bisabolol thanks to its properties, it is indicated for sensitive and delicate scalp. This oil is found in chamomile, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, soothing irritated skin. Contains Argan oil that allows it to resist oxidation, increasing the shine and smoothness of the hair.
Preliminary analysis: Hair preliminary analysis: 1) Hair type; 2) Natural tone; 3) % of white hair; 4) Intended result.
Application: Before applying Collagen colour must carefully read the instructions for use. Apply to dry, unwashed hair, use non-metallic containers when preparing coloring with activator. Use protective gloves.

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